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Statutory Information

School Governors

In June 2015 Gayhurst Commuity School became federated with Kingsemad School who we had been working in partnership with since 2011. In 2017 the federation expanded further to include Mandeville Primary School. Kingsmead, Gayhurst and Mandeville schools have come together to form the LEAP federation (Learning, Education, Arts Partnership) which now has one Governing Body. Click here to go to the School Governors page on our website, where you will find details of each governors’ terms of office, committee memberships and a Register of Interests.

You can find out more about the LEAP federation here.

Latest outcomes for attainment for Key Stage 1 & 2

Click here to view the school’s latest outcomes for attainment for KS1 and KS2  and  a link to the Department for Education performance tables

The School Curriculum

Click here to view the information on our school curriculum (including PDFs of curriculum overviews for each year group) provided in the Teaching and Learning section of our website. You will also find information here about  how we adapt our curriculum and learning environment for children with Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities.

Pupil Premium Grant & Recovery Funding

  • View/download the document Pupil Premium strategy and recovery statement Gayhurst 2021-2024 at the bottom of this page for our three year strategy for our  Pupil Premium grant allocation.
  • Due to the unprecedented disruption of children's education as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19), the DfE announced additional funding to be given to primary schools in order to provide targeted catch up for pupils. The PDF titled Pupil Premium strategy and recovery statement Gayhurst 2021-2024 below shows how we plan to spend both our PPG and allocated recovery funding. 

PE and Sport Grant

  • Click here to see details of our Sports Provision on the Being Healthy page of our website.
  • View/download the Sports Premium funding document at the bottom of this page to see how we are spending our PE and Sport Allocation and the impact this funding is having.

SEND School Offer

  • View/download Gayhurst’s SEND Information report at the bottom of this page
  • Our Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENDCo) are Fran Slot and Lorraine Karunaratne; they can be contacted by telephone on 0207 254 6138, please feel free to get in touch with them if your child has a Special Educational Need or Disability and / or you would like more information. Alternatively, emails can be directed to - subject line 'SEND'. 
  •  The  LEAP Special Educational Needs Disability policy can be found here.

LEAP Shared policies 

You can find the following shared LEAP policies:

Behaviour policy, Safeguarding policy, Child Protection procedures, Special Educational Needs Disability policy, Equality policy and appendices (including Equaltiy Action plan) and Charging policy

by clicking here.


Information regarding data protection and our school privacy policies can be found here

Financial Benchmarking 

To view the financial data for our schools, please click here.

Other Statutory Documents and Information

  • Click here to view the Complaints Procedure information on the Contact Us section of the website
  • Click here to view the information on  Admission Arrangements in the Parents and Carers section of the website
  • Click here to view our school’s aims and ethos statement, Vision for Gayhurst, in the About Us section of the website