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 Science at Gayhurst is an exciting and relevant part of our creative curriculum which enables children to learn about, observe and explore the real world around them. Our science teaching actively encourages children to work both independently and with others in practical ways, developing secure subject knowledge, investigative skills and scientific vocabulary.

In addition to engaging and motivating scientific teaching, we offer children a wide range of trips, workshops and shows throughout the year to support the science curriculum. These events encourage our  children to explore their natural curiosity, make discoveries, and solve real scientific questions.

Science websites and online games   

Study living things, materials and physical processes. Ages 7 -11.

Fun activities to help children at KS1 learn more about Science. Ages 5 - 7     

Knowledge and Understanding games for Foundation Stage. Ages 3 - 5

Information on a range of science topics. Ages 5-11.

Links to various science websites. Ages 5-11.

Fun practical science activities to try at home or share during science week. Ages 5-11.