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School Council & Looking for Learning Council

School Council

Every year we hold School Council elections to find out who are new school councillors will be. Our school council is made up of two elected representatives from each class from years 2 to 6. School councillors bring the views expressed in class meetings to the sessions and feedback is given to the school’s senior leadership team. The ethos of the school council is to consider the views of all and to take steps to produce real change, for the better. We believe that our children can make a difference and are proud of the changes the school council has brought into our school.


The 2022/2023 Gayhurst School Council are:  


Edith, Romilly


Klaus, D’Naeyah


Elijah, Virgina


Kayode, Scarlett


Albert, Betty


Axel, Milana


Poppy, Fredrik


Wulf, Leah


Wilfred, Chardonnay


Dontai, Gania


Milo, Lola


Emma, Claude


Jack, Edie


Aretha, Daniel


Neneh, Berkay

Here are some of the important jobs that our school councillors do:

  • Collect views of their classes and bring them to meetings
  • Inform the classes of topics discussed at meetings
  • Take an active part in meetings
  • Act as a role model for other children in the school
  • Take an active role in whole school projects  

Every year the School Council visits the Houses of Parliament to learn about democracy. Whilst there they have an official tour where they learn about the democratic process and how laws and made. On this trip they explore the challenges and responsibilities that come with being an MP.

Here are some of the projects that Gayhurst's School Council have been involved with recently:

School Lunches

The School Council has discussed the school lunch menu  with our chef Nicole Pisani.  They have given their input on the various dishes they enjoy and suggestions for things that could be improved about lunches and children's experience in the lunch hall. In recent years they have also worked with the kitchen staff to create a special  ‘red menu’  to support Red Nose Day and they also baked cakes to sell to help raise money on the day.

Book Corner Competition

The School Council play an important role in judging our book corner competitions. Classes are invited to design and create the most inviting and interesting reading area in their classrooms. The winning class is rewarded with a whole class school trip.


The School Council will be involved in a project to improve the school Library. We are keen to make the Library a lovely space where children can relax and read books that they enjoy.

Looking for Learning Council

At Gayhurst we have a set up a Looking for Learning (L4L) Council. This council consists of children from Reception class to Year 6 who have applied to be part of this team. Once appointed to the  Looking for Learning council, the children receive  training on how to look for evidence of fabulous learning taking place in lessons. It is then arranged for  the L4L councillors  to go in to lessons and carry out observations, looking for fantastic learning behaviour. Whilst in lessons they sit in the class looking at the teaching and learning that is taking place and they also talk to children about their learning and record their findings.

Individual feedback is given to the teachers whose lessons have been observed. The council also attend staff meetings where they report their findings to the teaching staff. They highlight areas where they can see that the learning in classrooms is going well as well as areas where they feel it can be improved to ensure learning is fun, engaging and challenging.