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Parents & Carers

Gayhurst School Funding Cuts

Below is information about how the current government funding crisis is impacting Gayhurst and how we can all come together to support the school and our community to continue to provide an exciting and stimulating environment for our children.

The cuts we face

Since 2015 school funding has effectively been cut back year on year. Many schools have been affected and Gayhurst is no exception.

  • Inflation: the government’s national education budget has increased but not as much as inflation
  • Pupil numbers: the per pupil funding has not reduced as yet but has not increased as much as inflation
  • Additional costs: schools face further costs such as statutory increases to staff pensions, the recent teachers’ pay rise of 2.75% was only funded as 0.75% so the school has to find the additional 2% which is a sizeable additional spend
  • Funding formula: even taking into account recently announced proposed changes to government funding, school budgets are going to continue to be tight as Inner London schools will not benefit from ‘new school funding’ announcements.

The funding projects we need your help to support

  • Library and classroom books - £20,000
  • Art Hoppers (TAG) - £12,000
  • New dedicated music space - £15,000
  • Staircase gallery - £4,000
  • Furniture: Special Needs - £5,000
  • Furniture: Coat Hooks - £3000

Ways you can help

There are a number of different ways you can get involved. Please see the PDF at the bottom of this page, which details the various  fundraising, cost-saving and campaigning initiatives being put in place to support Gayhurst school.

CoGS (Community of Gayhurst School)

CoGS is the association run by parent/carer volunteers to raise extra funds to support the school via weekly FriYay! cake sales and events such as the Winter and Summer Fairs and an Auction of Promises, which the whole school community can take part in. CoGS is set up as a charity so can accept gift donations and is set up with Give As You Live. We are entirely run by parent and carer volunteers and welcome any contribution however big or small. Be it baking cakes for the weekly cake sale in the playground, finding raffle prizes or perhaps you have a new fundraising idea that we can all get behind, COGS welcomes anyone who would like to get involved. 

To find out more about COGS please look at our facebook page:

To contact COGS please email