Parent Pay Online payments

Gayhurst Community School uses Parent Pay, an online payment system.  This system allows you to make payments to our school using the Internet. 

All parents/carers will have received a letter from the school  giving details of how to activate their ParentPay account.  Payments for school lunches and Nursery fees can be made on ParentPay now.  In September all our other paying facilities will be added to the site.  Please note we are aiming to become a cashless school so please don’t be offended when we kindly redirect you to use the ParentPay site to make payments.

If you require a copy of your activation letter please email

Some helpful PDFs regarding Parent Pay and how to log in are attached below  Please contact the school if you require any further assistance.

  1. Making-a-withdrawal
  2. How-to-update-your-username-and-password
  3. How-to-add-a-child-or-merge-accounts
  4. How-to-view-payment-history
  5. Adding-and-using-Parent-Account-Credit
  6. How-to-pay-for-items
  7. How-do-I-log-into-my-ParentPay-account