History and Geography

At Gayhurst the History and Geography curriculum is taught through Topic, with every half term introducing a new theme, which has a subject focus. For instance History was the focus for themes such as ‘The Windrush and Us’, ‘and ‘Time Detectives’ and Geography was the focus for themes such as ‘ Our World ’, and ‘Active Planet’. Each half term begins with a new and motivating themed topic and trips are organised around the topic. The topics build excitement and create curiosity while teaching the requirements of the new curriculum. The end of each topic is often followed by a celebration of the children's work through displays and assemblies.

All topics allow for flexibility amongst teachers to meet the needs of the learners and encouraging the necessary key skills in History and Geography through creativity and teamwork. These key History and Geography skills are assessed by teachers each half term and show progression in learning throughout the school. It also allows children to explore not only the immediate world around them in this country, but beyond that to communities and other societies around the world.


Black History Month

This year for Black History Month, we focused our learning on the SS Empire  Windrush. We started the week off with a detective investigation looking at clues linked to the voyage. The children learnt about why people came from the Caribbean and the reality they faced entering post war Britain. We discussed the significance of that first voyage and the impact it has had on shaping us into the culturally diverse society that we know and love today. Different classes then worked on different lessons using the Windrush as a starting point, for example, from fabulous poetry to art works depicting the colourful Caribbean left behind and the grey dismal London they were confronted with. The week also included, a Caribbean themed lunch, a West Indies cricket match (the most popular sport from the Caribbean). Miss Harley, then took the children back in time, dressed in authentic clothing and put on a performance explaining her own mother’s journey to England from Jamaica. To top it all off, we finished the week with a fundraiser for Unicef’s hurricane Irma appeal, raising a fantastic £402 for children and families affected by the hurricane.


 Religious Education

At Gayhurst, we adopt a comprehensive approach to Religious Education. Every year, children will have the opportunity to explore and study a new aspect of one of the six major world religions, as they continue to build upon their knowledge and understanding. Pupils will be able to apply their knowledge through presentations, trips, workshops and role plays. Starting in Foundation Stage, children will begin to learn about religions through exploration of themselves and others, all the way to Key Stage 2 where pupils will compare, contrast, discuss and question similarities and differences between beliefs. Please take a look at the table below, which highlights some of the topics which will be covered. We will ensure that interesting, thoughtful, and though provoking R.E. lessons will influence pupils’ spiritual, moral and cultural development.

Foundation Stage

Key Stage 1

Lower Key Stage 2

(Years 3 & 4)

Upper Key Stage 2

(Years 5 & 6)


Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism

Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam

 Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity

 Me and my senses




 Special times


 Special people


 Special objects


 Special books

 Morality and Values

 Special places

 Special places



 Our beautiful world

 Stories and special books



 Making friends






 Symbols and Artefacts

 Creation Stories