Extended Day Provision

After School Clubs

Our after-school clubs fall into to two different categories:

Specialist Clubs

All of these clubs take place between 3:30pm and 4:45pm and are ‘block-booked’ for the whole term before the term starts. Depending on the length of the term, they will cost £45 - £60 for one session per week for the whole term. They are booked for the whole term because they will be based around a project or a course. Specialist clubs include pottery, karate, film-making and songwriting plus many more.


Daily Clubs

These are our after-school childcare clubs and have flexible booking. You can book in for one day, a combination of days, a whole week or more. You can even book on the day (up to 2:30pm). There are 2 sessions of the Daily Clubs – ‘Early’ which starts at 3:30pm and finishes at 4:45pm and ‘Late’ which starts at 4:45pm and finishes at 5:45pm. Many people like to book both the early and late sessions together while some book a specialist club with a daily club for afterwards. You also have a choice of which Daily Clubs to book – there is a sports version and an art and craft version!

All of the bookings for our after-school clubs are on our dedicated clubs website: www.gayhurstclubs.com

We also have a dedicated after-school club email address for any queries you may have: clubs@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk


Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is open to all children and is held in the Main Hall from 8am – 9am. It costs £2 per day. This is a pay as you use service.  Please be reminded that children are not admitted after 8:30am.