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Assessment at Gayhurst supports learning. We use a wide range of assessments during the school year to inform our teaching and make sure that children make progress.

We use formative assessment to support class teachers and children in identifying areas of success and areas for improvement. This may include checking understanding during a lesson, using a variety of assessment for learning strategies including focussed questions, in the moment marking, talk-partner work to name a few. This is integral to teaching practice and is used to both plan appropriate teaching and learning activities and adapt these to our children's needs

 We also use summative assessments at various 'check points' throughout the year, which may be in the form of tests or quizzes. This includes national standardised assessments set by the Government (SATS).  Formative and summative assessments are used to identify where children are in their learning, and those requiring extra support, ensuring that all pupils achieve well. 

Teachers actively seek ways to challenge children's understanding in order to gain a full picture of their attainment. Assessment is the responsibility of all teaching staff and we plan specific opportunities for moderation and discussion of our judgements.


Assessment information is monitored by class teachers and school leaders and used to inform stakeholders of the progress of children and the effectiveness of the school. We also use information from the national standardised assessments to ensure that our assessment is in line with national standards. Senior leaders also use this information to make judgements about the school’s effectiveness.


In setting out these principles, we recognise that our assessment practice will develop and adapt to better meet the needs of our children and we actively seek ways in which to improve our practice.