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#TAG (The Art Gallery) at Gayhurst School

Exclusively for the exhibition of children’s art

#TAG (The art Gallery) at Gayhurst is a gallery quality art space and stand alone building within the grounds of Gayhurst Community School, designed specifically as a showcase venue for the exhibition of pupils’ artworks.  Gayhurst Community School commissioned Art Hoppers, local practicing artists and art educators, to set up the gallery and  instigated an artist residency, which sees Art Hoppers working with year groups 1 – 6  across the academic year. Three exhibitions are programmed each year, one each term, based on the results of artistic workshops delivered by Art Hoppers in response to the children’s curricular topics.

In addition, Art Hoppers have designed a website for the gallery and branding for all publicity giving the project a strong sense of identity within the school community and ensuring an accessible archive exists of the works created. You can find out lots more about the various exhibitions that have been held at #TAG at including press coverage of the various exhibitions many photos.

Private Views are held to launch each exhibition and the children take on responsible roles during the openings giving them the opportunity to enjoy a sense of ownership in the running of their gallery.

Art Hoppers see themselves as creative partners with the children - a collaboration which leads to many exciting possibilities. Their aim is to take children through the complete process of art making, from finding inspiration to enjoying the finished exhibits; it's about taking part, enjoying the adventure, recognising what's been achieved and looking back on all the fun that’s been had in the creating of the artworks. At the heart of Art Hoppers work with the children is their trust in children's ideas – they place great value on the unique qualities of their art and love the energy that they bring to the creative process. As an arts organisation Art Hoppers are keen to share and promote the inherent creativity of children and to help them see and fully appreciate these talents for themselves.