Home Learning

Home Learning resources for each year group for the first two weeks of school closure can be found below.

Here are the help email addresses for each class teacher during the school closure:

Sabina: 6S@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Cheryl: 6C@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Thomas: 5/6T@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Jess: 5J@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Winnie: 5W@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Lorraine: 4L@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Hannah: 4H@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Ally: 3/4A@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Lesley and Rachel T: 3L@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Melissa: 3M@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Jacqueline: 2JT@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Justine: 2J@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Chloe and Phoebe: 12C@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Mimi: 1M@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Huw: 1H@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Rachael: RR@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Monique: RM@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Shajeda and Rima: RS@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk


Links to Learning Platforms

Here are links to the learning platforms:

ClassDojo https://www.classdojo.com/en-gb/?redirect=true

Purple Mash https://www.purplemash.com/login

Study Ladder https://www.studyladder.co.uk/

  1. EYFS Home Learning Activities
  2. EYFS-Home-Learning-Pack
  3. Reception weekly timetable
  4. Year 1 and 2 Home Learning activities
  5. Year 1 and 2 weekly timetable
  6. Year 1 Home Learning Pack
  7. Year 2 Home Learning Pack
  8. Year 3 and 4 Home Learning activities
  9. Year 3 and 4 weekly timetable
  10. Year 3 Home Learning Pack
  11. Year 4 Home Learning Pack
  12. Year 5 and 6 Home Learning activities
  13. Year 5 and 6 weekly timetable
  14. Year 5 Home Learning Pack
  15. Year-6-Home-Learning-Pack