Loud Learning!

Years 1 and 2  were very lucky to have Simon and Chris from Loud Learning come and visit them recently - they arrived with loads and loads of junk and we didn’t know what to expect!

They began the day in Melbourne and Barcelona classes where the children were given the  opportunity to make their own maracas, harmonicas, drums and trumpets, all from elastic bands, lolly sticks, hose piping and funnels! Simon and Chris then moved on to work with Seoul, Moscow and Athens classes where more instruments were made. There was also plenty of opportunity for playing all the instruments once they had been made! All children were extremely engrossed in the various tasks and thoroughly enjoyed the workshops! We hope you all enjoyed listening to our fantastic instruments at home! 

“I liked the harmonica!” Hunter 1M. “I loved making the drum because it was easy” Max 2M. “We  enjoyed making all of the instruments” Eva & Sophie 2S.