Bike Around the Borough 2016

In July some of Gayhurst's fantastic cyclists took part in Bike Around the Borough. They were part of a team of over 1000 Hackney school children who took to the roads for a mass bike ride around the borough.  As hoped, they managed to break the world record for the most people in a 'bike bus' in which the participants rode together, along a set route, picking up people as they went. The children had a fantastic time and were more than capable of completing the 9 mile bike ride.

Eva (6W)said: ” It was so fun. My favourite part was watching Joe, the cyclist, do tricks. I loved it when the people gathered to  cheer us on.” Cydney (6W) said: “My favourite part was sitting on top of the penny farthing. It was so much fun”. Demi (6W) said: “ We cycled 9 miles. It was great   hearing everyone from the  different schools         cheering us on. It was even better when we found out we had  broken a world record!”