School Council visit Houses of Parliament

 On 2nd February Gayhurst’s School Council went to the Houses of Parliament and they experienced an amazing tour. During this trip they went to the House of Lords and went to the debating room where they weren’t allowed to sit down because it was a sign of disrespect to the MPs.

In the House of Lords they stood above the room where Guy Fawkes was found with gunpowder. That same room was the room where the Queen gets ready for her entrance at her yearly visit which is every May.

KS1 went on a  different workshop to the KS2 councillors and still learnt as much. Some of the children said:

“It was a great learning opportunity!” Archie (6W).

Demi  (6W) said “After being there twice, as this was my second visit,  I still learnt lots of new facts.”

Molly (6B) said “It was an impeccable day to remember!”

Ben (4L) said “It was really fun!”

Report written by School Councillors Archie, Molly and Demi.