Work Week 2014

A very big thank you to all parents and carers who took part in Gayhurst’s Work Week this year.  Here are some of the fantastic talks, visits and trips which we were able to put on thanks to your contributions and                involvement:                                                                              

In Reception there was some fantastic work about Science and how we use electricity in circuits from Leda and Rose’s Mum. Reception also had a brilliant time with an artist, Jetson’s Mum, who had the whole of Reception making bug houses.  

 Year 1 had a visit from Ethan’s Dad, a scientist. Maya’s Mum in 1H, came in to talk with the children about jewellery making. She showed the class her special tools and how she uses them. The children then got to design their own jewellery. Year 1 also had visits from Rowan’s Mum in 1J a vegan cook and pilates instructor and Honor’s Mum in 1H, who is a radio presenter.

Year 2 - Kimberly’s Dad from 2A, who is a gym owner, came to talk to the children about the importance of keeping healthy and exercising regularly. His visit was on Sports Relief day, so the children were all ready to try out some exercises! Year 2 also had a visit from a sign language interpreter, Charlie’s Mum. They learnt lots of signs and  understood how important this  form of  communication is.

 Year 3 and 4 Science Assembly - Years 3 and 4 had a fantastic assembly from our  fabulous Scientists. Ethan and Jake’s Dad, who works at UCL, came in with Dr. Chris and talked about viruses. We learnt lots about how important scientific discoveries impact on how we cure diseases, such as, small pox.


Year 3 had a fantastic visit from Claudia, Joe’s Mum in 3M about her work as a criminal solicitor and Jorge, Joesph’s Dad in 3M talked about his work in Digital Media with video production and web design.

Year 4 had a very interesting  visit from an Occupational Therapist, Lori’s Mum in 4M.



Year 5 were extremely lucky to visit a 3D printing shop in Farringdon – iMakr. The children got to explore how 3D printing happens and to see a range of designs. They also had a follow up   workshop from Evie M’s Mum, who looked at the design of tall buildings and explored how they are used in London. Here are two lovely drawings from the tall building  workshop.

Year 5 also had a visit from a jewellery maker, Tom’s Mum in 5A.


Year 6 had a visit from Matt, Alfie’s Dad who talked to them about Sport Science and nutrition and Fabiene, who shared his work about web applications.

Please do take a look at the Work Week 2014 photo album for more photos of this years activities. Work Week is an extremely valuable part of our curriculum and we look forward to welcoming parents and carers who'd like to share their world of work with our pupils next year.