Hackney 2013 Sports Championships

On Monday the 14 October, 24 children in year 5 and 6 took part in the Hackney 2013 Sports Championships at Clissold Leisure Centre. They got to meet a famous paralympian, Dervis Konuralp, who never gave up his dreams to become a swimmer, even though he was partly blind, and who went on to win 14 gold medals. They also took part in different sports like judo, sailing, wheelchair basketball, new age curling, boccia, archery, goalball  and swimming. Unfortunately they  did not win but they all got a medal because its not about winning its about taking part.                                                                                                       Report by Tyrese Boente Edwards

Here are some comments about the event from some of the children who attended:                                             ‘I hope I can do it again when I go to my secondary school’ - Tyrese.  Kaydien said of Archery, ‘It’s the best sport ever’ and  Margaret said, ’It was fantastic, but a bit tricky as the bow wobbled’. Kaymound said of wheelchair         basketball, ‘It was an amazing  experience to play for my school’. Melissa and Ellie-May said about Boccia and New Age Curling, ‘We had to roll a ball or slide a puck along the floor at a target. The nearest one won. It was great fun’. George said ’Sailing’s the best thing I have ever done’. ’The best bit was when we got wet’ thought Bobbi-May. ‘It was lots of fun and very exciting. It was cool to be floating in a boat’ said Tahir. Leah, Khadeejah and Nykeeta said of Goal ball, ‘It’s a great sport, it’s a bit like bowling but you are blindfolded and you have to listen for the ball’. About the Judo Isaac, Max and Jude said, ‘We had to kneel down and try to knock each other down. We had to try to hold our opponent in a grip for 10 seconds’. Jhahim and Micah said of  the Athletics, ’It was great fun, we did speed jumping, throwing and relay races’. Billie and Cassima who went swimming said, 'It was great! We did fun competitions like who could hold their breath underwater or float the longest.  It was really fun. We got into teams and we did races with floats. One person had to swim and push a float with another person sitting on it across the pool'.