Playground Additions

Find out more about the recent additions to our playgrounds: fantastic miniature replicas of London architectural landmarks for children to sit and climb on, and beautiful new murals.


 A very big thank you to Gabby Shawcross & Tughela Gino (Gayhurst parents) who recently donated to the school the fabulous red seats and climbing structures that you may have recently seen around and about the playground. They are all London architectural landmarks and were created as part of The London Dresser,  a project  which was commissioned by the Mayor of London as part of the Wonder Installations series for 2012. You can find out more about the project on the following link: They look fantastic & the children are really enjoying exploring them.


OUR NEW MURALS                                                                                                                                       Having successfully applied for an Early Years grant for some new murals, we invited Artbash to work with our Nursery and Reception classes and create murals for their playgrounds. Nursery chose ‘The  Rainbow Fish’ as a starting point. Artbash delivered a workshop with the children engaging them in  creating their own unique fish. They also had a chance to paint giant back ground paintings on the mural wall, including the sea, sea weeds, coral and under water creatures. Reception chose ‘Mini Beasts’ as their theme. After reading the story ‘The Bad Tempered Ladybird’ the children went out discovering the mini beasts hiding in and flying around the playground. They created their own artwork including mini beast drawings, patterns and giant paintings of the natural environment. For both murals, the children’s artwork was collaged together to create designs ready for painting.

Nursery now have bright unique fishes that can be counted along the wall. They’ve created Gayhurst on Sea!  Reception have a  mural full of nature.