Jam Motion Crew visit Power to the Pupils

Wow! Amazing breakdancers Jam Motion Crew came and showed the Power to the Pupils group some of their dance moves last week. The crew was led by Kengo Oshima. There were four dancers in the crew, Yoshi, Remz, Laura and Kengo. They all had different dance styles. Kengo and Remz taught the group a routine and the crew showed them their moves. Kengo did some B-boying. The rest of the crew did popping, krumping, backflips, candy and the running man.

To find out more and see a film made  by the Power to the Pupils members take a look at the report written by Power to the Pupils journalists Elaine, Ciar and Lamar on the Breakdance page of the Power to the Pupils section of our website.