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#TAG Threads of Hope exhibition launch

Last night saw the opening of #TAG.04, the fourth exhibition to be mounted in Gayhurst’s dedicated Art Gallery space....

Last night saw the opening of #TAG.04, the fourth exhibition to be mounted in Gayhurst’s  dedicated Art Gallery space. The exhibition, Threads of Hope, shows art work by  children from years 5 & 6, created in workshops lead by art educators Art Hoppers and based on the children’s  geography topic 'The Windrush and Us'. The artworks are a collection of prints on textiles inspired by British textile designer Althea McNish who moved to London from Trinidad in the early 1950s.

The children’s prints have been designed around themes which have some relevance to life in the West Indies and that of post war Britain (i.e: bomb damage and 1950’s social housing, Caribbean plants & flowers, Calypso  music). They hang together as visual interpretations exploring the hope and disappointment surrounding the lives and events of the Windrush generation

Thursday evening’s opening was  exclusively for the families of the children in years 5 & 6. The children from these year groups helped out during the opening of the gallery. They did an amazing job greeting the visitors and   showing them around. They also served food and drinks and collected the views of the parents and carers about the gallery opening.

“We had so much to do, I loved being able to do each part and stage of the block printing. It was really great fun and I would love to do it again!” Jay 5B

The gallery is open from 3.35 - 4pm every day for children and parents/carers who would like to view this wonderful exhibition.