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Clean Air Day

 Wednesday 25th Feb was Clean Air Day at Gayhurst for years 3 to 6. Have a look at all the different activities that they were involved in during the day around this important issue .........

 Wednesday 25th Feb was Clean Air Day at Gayhurst for years 3 to 6. The school council led an assembly informing everyone about air pollution and what we can do about it. Children then spent the afternoon involved in various activities  designed to raise their awareness about air  pollution. Year 3 learned about idling and  designed anti-idling leaflets. Year 4 researched the effects of air pollution on health and then used their own breath to create impressive ink drawings. Year 5  produced mini awareness-raising banners -  look out for them on the school fence soon! Year 6 found out about the Great Smog and made some fantastic charcoal drawings of how they imagined London to be at that time. Well done to all of them!

Thanks to the I Like Clean Air action group for their help planning the day. You can find out more about the important work they are doing to raise awareness about air pollution by clicking on the link below:

Take a look at more lovely photos of our Clear Air Day activities in the photo gallery section of the Our News area on this website.