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The Mystery of the Lost Lending Library

On a wet and windy Monday a few weeks ago, Gayhurst children and staff were baffled to find that a strange bookshelf had mysteriously appeared......

 On a wet and windy Monday a few weeks ago, Gayhurst children and staff were baffled to find that a strange bookshelf had mysteriously appeared in the entrance to the new library and rumours began to surface with suggestions of magic and mystery.  An emergency assembly was called, with teachers quickly dispelling any notion of magic.  A decision was taken for health and safety reasons, not to touch the wooden bookshelf, but to watch out for anything unusual. 

Completely unaware of the involvement of our dedicated librarian Petra and a pair of peculiar books that wouldn’t open, everyone went about their teaching and learning.  As the week passed, invitations to a ‘Lost Lending Library’ were given out to groups of children who were being recruited as story telling apprentices.  Children reported the appearance of Mr. Peabody, keeper of the Lost Lending Library who told every child an enchanted story. Throughout the week we have  heard tales of magic typewriters, talking trees and trains and the building is alive with excitement. 

Following the completion of  ‘mystical written tasks’, it would appear that a number of life-long memberships have been allocated to Gayhurst children and a select number of adults.  Have you or your child any information about this ‘Lost Lending Library’ and the personnel involved?   However insignificant you may feel, please inform the office of any matters relating to this.


Here are a few quotes from children about their experience of the Lost Lending Library:

 “It was really magical, the curtain turned into a book shelf. We think it’s haunted” Daniel 5D.                                

 “I saw Mr. Peabody. It was my best day ever. I’ve  written great stories now” Kali-Jade 3A.

“I thought it was cool and I liked the key” Bella 1H.

“It was a bit scary because there were stone heads everywhere” Mathilda 2A.

“It helped me to think of a story” Paris 6C

Parents and Carers also had the chance to visit the Lost Lending Library:

“What a fantastic experience! It was magical for me - but also great to have a chance to experience              something that my child has experienced and enjoyed so much”.

“Fabulous! Wonderful experience. So glad I got to see it .”

“I loved this. Thank you for bringing Punchdrunk back. It’s so stimulating and magical.”

"Great- really inspiring. I feel like I’ll try and tell more imaginary tales to the children now (rather than just dull ones)"

"So excited that Punchdrunk is back! These extra experiences are what makes Gayhurst so special and exciting for all. Also amazing that parents get to come along to experience this." 

You can see more photos of children working in response to their time in the Lost Lending Library in the Photo Gallery.