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Sports Day 2014

Every year group took part in Sports Day during the first week of July - take a look at the great photos and you can see what fun the children had.

All the year groups had a Sports Day at the beginning of July and much fun was had by everyone. Here are a few photos and some quotes from children: ‘Sports Day keeps you happy, even if you lose’ Hector 3M. ‘I think Sports Day tests how strong you are, plus it’s fun when you get cheered on by your classmates’ Sam 3M. ‘Sports Day is enjoyable for all and it’s not too competitive’ Elliot 3/4A. ‘Sports Day is one of the best days of the year’ Arianne 4L. ‘It is not about winning but taking part’ Lil 3J. ‘It’s so much fun’ Kai 3J. ‘Wow – I love all of the shouting and cheering’ Joe 4M.

More great photos can be found in the Sports Day 2014 photo album  in the Photo Gallery. Thanks to Robin Mahoney, Sid and Victor's dad, who made this short film of years 3, 4 5 & 6 Sports Day with the boys.