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Gayhurst Gets New Class Names

Important information and documents about the School Closure can be found on the School Closure 2020 page in the Parents & Carers section of our website. Please click here

From September we are changing the class names. All classes will be known by their year group and the first initial of their teacher's first name eg: 6C - Year 6 Cheryl

Each class will also have a country name ( the intention is this will change each year so next year might be  artists namse or Rivers or any theme that links to the curriculum) so 6C maybe also known as Canada for example.

The class names for 2012-13 will therefore be:

 Year Group

 Class Names

 Country names



 Nursery Rachael




 Nursery Paul




 Reception Huw




 Reception Emily




 Reception Inbar


 Yr 1


 Yr1 Sonia




 Yr 1 Helen

 Hong Kong

 Yr 1/2


 Yr 1/2 Rachel


 Yr 2


 Yr 2 Mahmouda




 Yr 2 Adam


 Yr 3


 Yr 3 Emma




 Yr 3 Afia


 Yr 3/4


 Yr 3/4 Alison


 Yr 4


 Yr 4 Lesley




 Yr 4 Natalie


 Yr 5


 Yr 5 Annie




 Yr 5 Ella


 Yr 5/6


 Yr 5/6 Winnie


 Yr 6


 Yr 6 Cheryl




 Yr 6 Louise