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Years 1& 2 visit Geffrye Museum

Years 1 & 2 recently visited the Geffrye Museum, where they looked at a typical Victorian living room and compared it to a 1990's living room.

Year 1 & 2 classes have been taking turns to visit the Geffrye Museum, where they have  looked at a  typical Victorian living room and compared it to a 1990's living room. The children looked closely at the items in the rooms and were able to touch some coal, candles, an old toaster as well as video tapes, a new toaster and a  mobile phone. They sketched the rooms and did a  detailed  comparison back at school. Here are a few comments from children in 1/2R:                                                                                                                                             D'iaz - “I held the candle in it's holder”.                                                                                                              Tadhg - “I held the old Victorian toaster”.                                                                                               Zahrahbibi - “I saw a living room with tea cups. We pretended to drink tea like the  Victorians”.                              Ethan - “Victorians toasted their bread next to the fire”.                                                                            Georgie - “You had to use a candle for light and carry it in a metal candle holder”.

See further photos from the visit in the photo album created from the visit in our photo gallery.