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Gayhurst's Chicks

Last week an incubator with 10 fertilised eggs arrived in the Reception area at Gayhurst.........

Last week an incubator with 10 fertilised eggs arrived in the Reception area at Gayhurst, and classes have been coming down in groups throughout to first watch the eggs hatching, then see the newly hatched chicks and finally, as they’ve become  bigger and stronger, to stroke the new chicks. They have been a huge hit with the children - Laurie on the front desk says “It was amazing seeing the children’s reactions as the eggs began to crack and then seeing the pure excitement in their faces as they've seen them grow into little chicks”.                                      

Some of the most repeated  comments from children have been: "I can't believe they come from the eggs we eat", "They are so cute and cuddly", "I saw the claw poke out of the egg shell, it was amazing!"

The chicks will be leaving us and going back to the farm on Friday where they can run around freely.