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Our New-Look Library

Take a look at our new library.....

This term everyone is talking about our new school library which has had complete overhaul with new shelving, furniture and a greater range of fiction and non-fictions books. We are so pleased to be able offer such a range of books and cannot wait for our children to be back visiting the library each week.

Favourite authors fill the shelves. 'I can't wait to read all of the new books. They look so interesting.' Elsa 2M.

The library area has been zoned to include areas to relax with a good book and  spaces to work in a quiet environment. The backdrop of the library celebrates past creative curriculum links with Art Hoppers. 'I love the artwork on display.' Honor 4S.

Our classification system has been adapted for primary school use and is based on the standard Dewey classification system found in public libraries and secondary schools. This will allow the children to locate their favourite topics quickly. 'We like the different  variety of books and the comfortable reading areas.' Joseph & Garvorni 6C. We’ll soon be recruitment librarians to work in our new space. An enormous thanks to COGs, for the £15,000 investment, which has helped to make this possible.  "The only thing that you  absolutely have to know, is the  location of the library." -Albert Einstein . You'll find ours on the middle floor. Where will you be transported to?